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About Radick Corporation

Lee Radick
Lee, the third generation Radick, runs the day to day activities of Radick Corporation. A graduate of Spring Garden College with a Bachelors degree in business, Lee has been able to expand the company in to different markets. He has spent the greater part of his career at Radick Corporation working in the field, as is evident by the majority of the photos in the photo galleries. Lee believes he has acquired his installation skills fom his grandfather, and his metal fabrication and layout talents from his father, enabling him to become a complete sheet metal mechanic and business owner.

Today, Lee oversees all outside field installations and inside shop fabrications. Though he wears many hats for Radick Corporation, Lee feels he is able to successfully handle all that is sent his way. Lee plays a major role in every job Radick Corporation contracts, for he feels he needs to stay close to his customer in all facets of the project.

Of all the successful projects that Lee has seen through from beginning to end, he is most proud of the emergence of the EZ Access Skylight. He has taken his family's vision and turned it into a reality, where it has become a successful product in the market place.


John J. Radick Jr.
I am extremely proud to say that I believe that my father is the nuts and bolts behind the success of Radick Corporation. The knowledge that he has acquired over his 45 years in the trade is quite impressive. He is highly skilled at sheet metal layout and fabrications where he prides himself on being able to produce any product a customer may want. He reads blue prints of projects thoroughly where he rarely will miss items pertaining to our scope of work and will often find those "hidden" details that do relate to our trade. My father is a very proud man who runs an effecient and productive shop, and has a stored wealth of knowledge of what works, and what doesn't work. One brief conversation with my dad and you will be convinced of his credibility.

My father has supervised many large projects in and around the Philadelphia area where he was responsible for the roofing, siding, and metal work installations, and shop fabrications pertaining to these projects. Some of the more noteworthy developments are: Parkwood Manor, Newtown Grant, Neshaminy Valley, and Penrose Park, to name a few.

Co-inventor of the E-Z Access Skylight with my grandfather, my dad has played a prominent role in the success of the Radick Corporation.

John J. Radick Sr.
My Grandfathers' specialty was his ability to take on those "difficult" projects and turn them into works of art. The majority of his career in the metal industry was spent out in the field where he installed many types of roofing systems and specialty products. In his day, cornice was a popular item on most buildings and he had an uncanny knack of making his cuts so precise, that when he followed up his work with his soldering skills the finished product looked extremely clean and precise. His favorite material to work with was copper, for he felt it was the only material that would truly last a lifetime when installed and soldered correctly. Later on in his career he worked very closely with my father in the shop fabricating skylights, where he helped my dad design the E-Z Access Skylight. My Pop Pop passed away in 1988, but his teachings, skills, and overall way he lived his life is the foundation for what Radick Corporation is today.
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