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Radick Corporation welcomes the challenges associated with historical projects. Our goal is not to take away from, or add anything to original historic architecture, but preserve it with newer technology and materials that stand the test of time. Radick Corporation works closely with architects and historical societies to preserve the past.

Our company can replicate items from the past in metal, and restore old construction to look new again. When necessary, we can even fabricate and install the way skilled craftsmen did years ago.

Our historical preservation services include:
Metal roofing
Conductor Heads
Window Headers and Pediments
Other items also available at your request

Most common materials used in our historical restoration projects are copper, lead coated copper, and tin.

Betsy Ross House 1
Philadelphia, PA

Betsy Ross House 2
Philadelphia, PA

Wissahickon Apartments
Philadelphia, PA

Aldine Mansion
Doylestown, PA

Homeland Nursing Home
Harrisburg, PA
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