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The E-Z Access Skylight
Rooftop access has never been easier and safer now that Radick Corporation offers the E-Z Access Skylight. Radick Corporation believes its skylight is the best in the city of Philadelphia.
John J. Radick Sr.
The construction is sturdy and quiet with rust free stainless steel hardware throughout, and safety glass that is tight and will not rattle. Skylight storm windows can be customized with decorative overlays and many colors to choose from, making your skylight both artistic and functional.

The Standard
Proven quality for over 70 years
Safety glass "glazed" into skylight rails
Comes with or without screen
Rust-free stainless steel chain with optional decorative knobs

The Velux Metrolite Dome
Have access to your roof in case of emergency
Dual purpose of ventilating and gaining access to your rooftop
Maintenance-free PVC curb liner
Operating pole included
White or bronze acrylic dome

Storm Window Creations
Custom sized skylight storm windows with framed glass and screen
Glass overlays providing many different styles and colors to choose from

Choice of Materials
Galvanized Steel
16 oz. Copper
Lead Coated Copper
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